As Deadly White-Nose Syndrome Spreads West, Bat Biologists Race to Prepare

Disease has appeared for the first time in Manitoba, Minnesota and Wyoming

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Little brown bats in eastern Canada have been hit hard by white-nose syndrome and are now considered endangered. The disease is spreading west, leaving biologists scrambling for solutions. Photo: Cori Lausen/WCS Canada.

“We have learned that white-nose syndrome, which attacks bats as they overwinter, has continued its westward march, appearing for the first time this year in Manitoba, Wyoming and Minnesota.”

Racing Against Time

“Bats can squeeze into the tiniest locations — they only need a crack as big as their skulls (even smaller than an acorn in some cases) to squeeze through.”

Probiotics show promise

“Just like your probiotic yogurt provides beneficial bacteria to your digestive system, naturally occurring wing microbes will give all bats a fighting chance of surviving hibernation despite white-nose syndrome.”

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