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  • Faisal Elias

    Faisal Elias

    Environmental Social Scientist. Saving nature through policy, advocacy and campaigns.

  • Nat Resources Dems

    Nat Resources Dems

    House Natural Resources Committee Democrats, U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Daniel Schwab

    Daniel Schwab

    Based in Wyoming, Daniel Schwab is a dedicated community leader and businessman with a passion for the environment. Learn more @ https://danielschwabwyoming.org

  • Jon Fisher

    Jon Fisher

  • Ragnvald Larsen

    Ragnvald Larsen

    Geographer working with GIS, data management and development cooperation. My opinions are my own. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ragnvald/

  • Scott Carnahan

    Scott Carnahan

    Cameras by trade, writer by plight. A story obsessed thunderstorm junkie armed with a journal and fueled by music. | Denver, CO ⛈🏜🏔✨ scottjcarnahan.com

  • theMarineDataScientist


    Hi, my name is Jorge Assis. I’m a Data Scientist, Marine Ecologist, Climate Change Analyst, R and Python Developer based in Portugal [github.com/jorgeassis]

  • USFWS Columbia Pacific Northwest Region

    USFWS Columbia Pacific Northwest Region

    Conservation stories from one of the world’s most ecologically diverse regions.

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