Earth Day 2017: Blogs from the Wildlife Conservation Society

In Borneo, 4 Generations of Orang-utan Conservation

A new generation of orang-utan conservationists has been inspired by forebears who gave wildlife and their habitats a voice. Photo by Daniel Kong/WCS.
With my new young colleagues in Sarawak to practice orang-utan conservation. Photo ©WCS Malaysia.
Steward, our river guide (center), would bring our group to meet his father and grandfather, both of whom assisted in the creation of Batang Ai National Park for the protection of orang-utans. Photo ©WCS Malaysia.
Sago palms and selunsur trees hug the waterway on our journey. Photo ©WCS Malaysia.
Gathered in the Sebubut home of Headman Rimong, I could see four generations of a family connected through a passion to save orang-utans and their habitats. Photo ©WCS Malaysia.

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