By Camila Ferrara & German Forero-Medina | January 10, 2022

During September and November of this year, over 80,000 females of the Giant South American River Turtle (Podocnemis expansa) arrived on the sand banks of the Guaporé River, along the Bolivia-Brazil border, to nest. This is the largest concentration of…

Can what we eat positively impact both people and the planet?

By Nicholas Spencer | January 7, 2022

We have seen increasing evidence of the intrinsic link between what we eat and the health of our planet, with unsustainable food production being a significant driver of the global climate and biodiversity crises. The urgency to reduce our environmental impact could not…

By Chris Walzer, Susan Lieberman & Arnaud Goessens | Nov 26, 2021

This week, the World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization’s decision-making body, will discuss a potential international pandemic treaty. Pandemic preparedness is critical, but governments must also ensure that this agreement addresses prevention at source. Actions must be…

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

By Priscilla Hernandez | September 24, 2021

[Note: this story was originally published at PBS Nature.]

I’ve always been passionate about wildlife. Conservation is a huge part of my identity and has been the driving force behind my academic and professional trajectory. As a proud Bronx native, I cultivated my…

By Colin Poole | May 21, 2020

[Note: this commentary was originally published at Scientific American.]

In a rare piece of COVID-19 good news, the Thai government recently announced that endangered leatherback turtles are returning to nesting beaches now devoid of tourists. However, at the same time, I was being…

By Alonzo Johnson | July 23, 2021

[Note: This commentary was originally published at PBS Nature.]

The natural world and the millions of animals that inhabit and help maintain it have always been major sources of inspiration for me. However, growing up in the heart of New York City, finding…

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